About Us

Introducing artisan carrier bag printing

It means we provide a quality of personal service that makes a difference

It’s here this family firm prints carrier bags for local, national and overseas customers of a particular kind.

These are small enough for a beautifully printed carrier bag to make a difference to their presence in their marketplace, and for them to benefit from CBP’s highly personalised service. Batches of a few hundred can be printed to order and delivered anywhere in the UK inside a week.

“So many businesses think they need to order thousands at once which would last them from 6 to 12 months,” explains owner Andy Easby. “Think them as boxes of money taking up valuable space. We can supply just the number people need, when they need them - saving money to purchase stock and make money. “

This is the just-in-time principle Andy learned from 10 years at Nissan went on to apply to his business which began in his parents’ garage. Unlike making cars, the process at CBP’s current dedicated workshop is not industrial. It’s a craft.

Screen printing

Screen printing works by forcing ink through gaps in a fabric screen on to the surface which is to be printed. The gaps are defined by a stencil created from artwork in a dark room. As the printed item comes off the press the ink is dried.

Artists use this time honored technique to create numbered prints. Andy uses it to produce exactly the number of carrier bags the customer requires. Each copy costs the same, whereas lithographic printing requires big print runs to be practical - the bigger the order, the lower the cost per 1,000.

As you examine the crisply defined graphics on a bespoke printed carrier bag from CarrierBagPrinting.co.uk you’ll agree it’s a work of art.

Isn’t that just what you need to reflect the quality of your brand and the merchandise inside?