The best format would be a Vector line image, EPS file or PDF as long as it is editable (not just a jpg converted). Email your artwork to: artwork@carrierbagprinting.co.uk

Please note reveres out designs are not possible due to volume of ink required and drying process. 

We always Provide proofs. Proofs will be in a PDF format and will be of your design and also show positioning on bag normally this is positioned in the middle of bags. If you have asked for a specific size and position this will be on the proof. Please check proof very carefully for text and position as you will be responsible for all errors - which can happen. The print process will not commence until the proof has been approved by email.

Print size / area:
Maximum width 290mm x height 400mm

We produce prints with a direct print method which we have found achieves the best possible results.
Our service is an overprint, onto pre-made bags which can cause some imperfections due to the fold and handles in the bags.
Laminate bags can be printed on both sides but all depend on your logo and position on bag? email your logo / design.

Black bags we only recommend printing in Silver, Gold & White

Over printing of carrier bags is a specialised print process and cannot be compared to Digital / Process printing systems

Print Runs:
Our max print run is 1000 per order. this is due to our service and print process.

If you need your bags in a hurry or for a specific date for example an event or exhibition you have coming up, please let us know before ordering and we can let you know if it is possible. There will be an extra charge for this service.